Pelion’s Carefree
Holiday Pass

Combined with Pelion Vouchers

All inclusive, All over Pelion

A complete traveler`s experience…

A well-organized network of businesses under the framework of PELION VOUCHER, which are selected according to the quality of services and goods they offer. Businesses are all located either in Pelion or in the wider region of Thessaly, they are engaged in business directly and/or indirectly with tourism and are targeted to the visitor of our area. All together, they form a network that with our care is promoted and projected through Pelion Voucher.

By creating Pelion’s Carefree Holiday Pass holiday packages, which are combined with, and contain, discount coupons of nominal value (Pelion Voucher), we cover the needs of our visitors for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Bars, selected stores, where the visitor can find local products and goods, tourist offices, activities businesses, and gift shops.

The holiday packages above are combined with the PELION PASS –TRANSPORT FOR PELION transfer card and travel the visitor on a daily basis all around Pelion.

The packages consist of holiday and activities proposals for 2 people and for minimum of 2 days (or more) and, when pre-purchased, they offer high discount values throughout the coupons, services and goods , thus providing the Buyer/Holder the possibility to enjoy an authentic all-inclusive holiday package.