Our role in tourism

Leventis Hospitality is able to influence crucial aspects of the
products, which Tourism has to offer and also develop
promotional touristic actions of our area

Being a leader

Tourism in the new era is highly dependent on the recognition it receives from the government and the regional representatives of tourism, that are the recipients of the valuable benefits that result from the interactions between tourism and all sectors of economy and society. Above all, it is the realization of these interactions’ significantly leading role on tourism growth that is most crucial.

Being a leader has certainly many aspects, but mainly it means forming the strategic and touristic general growth of an area, or country with institutional interventions, active participation in the touristic planning, enacting political measures, securing and properly distributing funds, remaining active in terms of marketing and projection and last but not least providing enough motives that formulate attractive offers.

Which are the most significant businesses of the region in every sector? (“Regional Champions”)

All of them are small sized businesses. In particular, small manufacturing businesses with minimum staff, businesses with limited services offered with cultural content as well as no Leader businesses.

Touristic medium-sized businesses are located (around over 50 large-sized Hotels) all over Thessaly and especially in the city of Larisa and Magnesia, with “Les Hirondelles” in the center of it.

The role of Leventis Hospitality in the touristic growth of the area is actual and defining, whereas the collaboration it pursues and develops lately is in need to be reinforced by all the local representatives, since the businesses are all medium sized and below.

Leventis Hospitality can influence crucial aspects of the products tourism has to offer and develop promotional actions for the projection of tourism and our area.