Our Identity

We offer services with the seal or the Leventis Family since 1937
We continue to preserve and modernize the cultural and
touristic heritage delivered to us from our parents

From parents to sons

The Leventis family first became involved in the tourism business back in 1937 when Demetris and Alexandra Leventis built what was then the first hotel in Agios Ioannis, Pelion. Agios Ioannis began a marine transit center of transshipment of goods in Pelion with fruit, commodities and timber and today is famous tourist destination that receives thousands of visitors from around the world.

In 1980 the family business was taken over by the two sons and now the sole partners in the company, Konstantinos and Stamatis Leventis.

In 1980 they set up the tourism and travel agency Les Hirondelles, at first mainly involved in making reservations for incoming tourism in Pelion and ticket-trips bookings for the local market. In 1987 the growing number of tourists led to the establishment of a new

company, “Care of Tourism”, which was responsible for hotel bookings, villas and apartments, houses as well as boats, cars, scooters, jet-skis and motorcycles.

Enjoying the enormous advantage of exclusive leasing arrangements with the property owners, the company soon built up an enviably large customer base. All current activities have been brought under the umbrella of one company for the sake of more effective coordination.

Now, in addition to its accommodation services, the company offers excursions throughout the Pelion region, Sporades, Thessaloniki, the renowned monasteries of Meteora, a ride with the little Train of Pelion, as well as short cruises to the Gulf of Pagasiticos and many more specialized excursions in the area.

3rd Generation

The high constantly rising level of offered services enlists our office first in central Greece, regarding its financial activity but also the quality of the services offered, proving that it consists from experienced executives and has certainly and positively contributed in tourism growth in the area.

Since 1980 Leventis Hospitality with its tourist office has made Pelion known in all of Europe and with its promotional actions has indeed contributed to a huge level to the local economy, since the average number of customers serviced up to date has exceeded 10000, all with the exclusive assistance of the company`s internal organization.

Since 2011 the third generation of the Leventis family has been introduced that with the expert and modern knowledge they have acquired from their studies on modern technologies and their knowledge as well as experience on tourism and entrepreneurship combined with the support and valuable experience of their parents, they ensure the dynamic continuance of Leventis Hospitality.

We continue to preserve and modernize the cultural and touristic heritage delivered to us from our parents.

Dimitris C, Dimitris S, Alexandros & Avra. 2015