and company goals

We received a small hotel from our parents and turned it gradually
into a Boutique Hotel whereas at the same time we launched
a touristic office that occupies today a significant role
in the touristic activity of Central Greece.

We know Pelion well – we're born here!

We continue the long tradition which we inherited from our parents. We have both preserved and adapted it to meet contemporary needs, extending in 1980 our family business activities by opening the travel agency Les Hirondelles. From 1980 until 2016 we’ve built up our property assets, in current values, by 1000%.

Confident in the strength and potential of the family business combined with the needs of contemporary tourism, we have organized in Pelion a customer service network that through our 3 branch offices in Volos, Agios Ioannis and

Portaria, provides and cares for our customers, and has highlighted us as the major tourist force in the Pelion region.

Our associates in Europe have entrusted us with a growing number of their clients and at the end of the decade 1980-90 we have built up to a total number of 12,500 tourists (before the Yugoslavia crisis ) and in 1991 (at the heart of the Yugoslavia crisis) a total number of 10.500. In 2000 and 2008 we reached 8.000 and 10.000 number of tourists respectively, only to achieve in 2015 the number of 9.000 people.


Our struggle began in the foul decade 1990-2000 due to the transfer prohibition through the territorial area of Yugoslavia that resulted in road transfers giving way to air transport and access to the airport of Nea Anchialos in Volos, changing in that way the touristic data and orientation of the area to other markets and alternative means of access.

We proceeded at first with a few connection flights to a different orientation market of incoming tourism and planning of tourist holiday packages. By the end of the decade 2000-2010 we achieved to fully and successfully redefine tourist data and create the special conditions that would help us face the economic crisis already developing in our country.


As a result, we managed to maintain our forefront in all sectors and shield our company from a substantial redefinition of exploitations in order to cope with the big income losses of outgoing tourism and internal market.

Although the cost of this endeavor has been high, and at the beginning it seemed unachievable, today has become a reality and we are optimistic for the recuperation of the internal market so as to add to our income, replenishing income losses from the internal market.

Les Hirondelles LTd & Hotel Boutique Kentrikon

The constant customers` evaluation and our services` continuous internal certification (is under strict instructions assurance system ISO 9001-2000) have earned for Hotel Boutique Kentrikon, Les Hirondelles and all of its offered services to our clients, a high rated position.

Today our goal is to make the most of the company`s infrastructure, the experience of its executive staff and the

dynamic attributed by the family business, while the new generation of the Leventis family is already included in the support of its operation.

With their contribution the results are clearly visible, with even bigger and efficient growth rates that counterbalance the negative economic indicators that from 2011 until today are extraneously implemented by the economic crisis.