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Alternative Tourism

Outdoor activities & Creative touristic projects

Do it, in Thessaly`s beautiful, picturesque natural environment!

Thematic programs on nature in Greece!

Activities in the unique nature of the area, that are targeted on the historical and cultural character of mountain Pelion, Meteora, Plastira Lake and of the legendary Mountain of the Gods, Olympus, covering in that way, with the knowledge and expertise of our colleagues and above all with the necessary safety precautions, the current visitors needs that either prefer the Sea or the Mountain to spend their vacations.

Trekking in nature, sea canoeing, canyoning, mountain-based or marine-based activities, and natural events with thematic fields of action. Adding to that, thematic vacations programs with nature activities, courses of Greek and Local (Pelion) gastronomy, creative programs for kids and adults, vacational programs for physical and mental well-being, romantic holidays, Bachelor`s Parties , etc. Educational and creative activities based on Greek Mythology and the historical, cultural wealth of our area.

Yoga, Eco-Tours, Cooking Lessons, Family Creative Vacations... in Greece!